May 22

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Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Shell River Office Council Chambers, 213 - 2nd Avenue NW, Roblin. Meetings start at 1:30 PM for November to April and at 7:30 AM for May to October. The time changes are to accommodate council members during busy farm seasons (i.e. seeding, haying, harvest). Our latest set of minutes are shown below. If you see anything in them that you would like to comment on, please email us at shellrvr@mts.net. We keep one years minutes on the website. If you need to look for anything further back than that, please stop by the office and we'll be happy to let you look through the minute books.




Minutes of the regular meeting of Council of the RM of Shell River held Tuesday, May 22, 2012 in the Council Chambers of the municipal office.


PRESENT:  Reeve – Albert Nabe

                   Councillors - Louise Smigelsky, Doug Cranwell, Joe Senderewich, Jack Lenderbeck, Craig Mohr

Chief Administrative Officer – Dione Cherneski

Economic Development Officer – Ben Brodeur (to 9:15 AM)


CALL TO ORDER:  Meeting called to order at 7:32 AM.



#228-12 Senderewich/Crandwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the agenda for the regular meeting of May 22, 2012 be adopted as amended by: Adding: COMMITTEES OF COUNCIL: 2. Public Works and Equipment; (e) Request for 4-Way Stop Sign @ Ricker’s Campground; NEW BUSINESS: 6. Roblin RCMP/Royal Canadian Legion #24 Golf Tournament Donation; CORRESPONDENCE: 1. FCM - News Week of May 14; - Policy Development Guide, Emergency Resolutions and AGM/Guide.                                                                                  Carried 6/0



#229-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the regular meeting held May 8, 2012 be adopted as amended.                        Carried 6/0




Accounts Payable

Unaudited Financial Statement to April 30, 2012

#230-12 Lenderbeck/Cranwell: WHEREAS the Finance Committee has reviewed the list of accounts; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the accounts are approved for payment in the amount of $41,949.29, cheques #15837 to #15877.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0


#231-12 Senderewich/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the unaudited financial statements dated April 30, 2012 be adopted as presented.              Carried 6/0





Boards & Commissions:

1.   AMM

      (a)   May 7 News Bulletin

      (b)   AMM’s Submission to MB Local Government re: Development of Regulations under The Planning and Land Dedication for School Sites Act

      (c)   Municipal Bridge Program

      (d)   Claiming Firefighting/Rescue Costs from MPI

2.   Roblin Planning District

(a)  Proposal to Subdivide Pt.W½ Sec.5-26-29W (Ricker & MRH Lakeside Dev. Corp.)

(b)  Office of the Fire Commissioner/Copy of Letter re: Construction of Pole Shed at NW 34-25-29W

(c)  Report on May 17 Meeting; Apr.19 Minutes; Financial Report; 2012 Profit & Loss Y-T-D; 2012 Building Permits      

3.   Economic Development

      (a)  Parks Route Inc. 2012 Membership

      (b)  EDO Introduction

4.   Recreation Commission

      (a)  Capital Funding Request

      (b)  Open Doors Follow Up Meeting; Kids Camp Instructor

5.    S.A.V.E.D.

(a)  Apr.19 Minutes; May 17 Meeting Cancelled

(b)  Hansard Script from Committee of Supply re: Infrastructure and Transportation

6.    Roblin Veterinary Services

      (a)  Audited Financial Statements to Dec.31, 2011

7.    Roblin & District Clinic Board Inc.

      (a)  Report on May 16 Meeting

      (b)  Report on May 16 Regional Physician Recruitment Working Group Meeting

8.    Parkland Tourism

      (a)  AGM – May 31 @ Elkhorn


#232-12 Mohr/Lenderbeck: WHEREAS an application has been made by Wayne & Sylvia Ricker to subdivide part W. ½ Sec. 5-26-29W to add land to their rural residence (proposed Lot 1), create a second lot for possible rural residence use (proposed Lot 2) and for possible campground expansion (proposed Lot 3); AND WHEREAS the government circulation had been completed by Manitoba Intergovernmental Affairs Community Planning Services Report & Recommendations have been received; AND WHEREAS Land Titles requires a three lot plan of subdivision; AND WHEREAS Hydro and MTS requires a joint easement; AND WHEREAS Water Stewardship:

·       Notes that a geotechnical engineering assessment may be warranted before

any construction;

·       The proposed development is located within a Designated Reservoir Area. 

Construction of permanent structures upon the lot will require a Designated

Reservoir Area permit be obtained from Water Stewardship.  This would be a

responsibility of the developers/owners and must be applied for prior to

commencement of any construction;

·       Requires that all permanent construction not involve the removal of vegetation in

order to prevent erosion;

AND WHEREAS Community Planning recommends approval; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the RM of Shell River approves of the subdivision application 4-182-12-3827 for W. ½ Sec. 5-26-29W providing all the concerns from the government agencies are met and all other municipal and provincial regulations are complied with.                                                                               Carried 6/0


#233-12 Smigelsky/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 2012 membership fee for Parks Route Inc. in the amount of $300 be authorized for payment. Carried 5/1


#234-12 Senderewich/Smigelsky: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River approve payment of $3,993.02 to the Roblin-Shell River-Hillsburg Recreation Commission, being the RM’s 39.7% of the 2011/2012 capital expenditure of $10,058.00 for the purchase of a 2012 Gator Utility Vehicle for Currey Park.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0


#235-12 Senderewich/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Roblin & District Veterinary Services Board’s audited financial statements as prepared by Sensus Partnership of Chartered Accountants for the year ended December 31, 2011 be accepted as presented.                                                                 Carried 6/0


#236-12 Lenderbeck/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the RM of Shell River purchase two tickets to the Parkland Tourism AGM being held May 31, 2012 at Elkhorn Resort; AND THAT expenses for same be allowed.            Carried 6/0


Committees of Council:

1.  Legislative and Finance

     (a)   Main Market and 50/50 Roads–Change in Funding

2.  Public Works and Equipment

     (a)   7:45 AM – Dennis Beck/Transportation Update

     (b)   Green Team Employment Start Date?

     (c)    Jim Leflar/Gravel Pit Agreement

     (d)   Manitoba Hydro Electric Service Agreement for SE 10-26-28 W

     (e)   Request for 4-Way Stop Sign @ Ricker’s Campground


3.  Safety Committee

     (a)   Manitoba Government Tendering Policy

4.  Weed Control

     (a)   Proposed Provincial Cosmetic Use Pesticide Ban

     (b)   Request for Burdock Spraying Program

5.  Environmental Health

     (a)   Makaroff WDS Closure


#237-12 Smigelsky/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Reeve and CAO be authorized to sign the gravel agreement with James Leflar at a rate of 85 cents/yard.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0


#238-12 Smigelsky/Mohr: WHEREAS Assiniboine Drive along Lake of the Prairies is a municipal road in the RM of Shell River; AND WHEREAS requests have been received for a 4-way stop sign at the entrance of the Ricker’s Campground store; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT these requests be directed to the owners/operators of Ricker’s Campground for their consideration.   Carried 6/0


Councillor L. Smigelsky abstained from voting on the following resolution because of lack of information.


#239-12 Cranwell/Senderewich: WHEREAS the Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development recommends that the Province of Manitoba establish a full ban on the sale and use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes to include non-essential, cosmetic use of chemical insecticides, herbicide and fungicides for residential, institutional, and recreational facilities, near water and all urban and rural areas; AND WHEREAS the regulatory body for pesticides (chemical and nonchemical) in Canada is Health Canada’s Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency which puts all pesticides through a rigorous scientific assessment process to ensure their safety for Canadians of all ages.  Also pesticide can only be registered or remain registered in Canada if there is a reasonable certainty that the association risks pose no harm to human health, future generations or the environment when used as directed; AND WHEREAS the study of most often quoted with regards to human health and cancer is the Ontario College of Family Physicians report of April 23, 2004 which has been refuted by the scientific community; AND WHEREAS invasive and noxious weeds in Manitoba have escaped from urban areas and cause economic losses on agriculture lands, public lands and the Municipalities today.  A cosmetic pesticide ban would adversely affect municipalities in Manitoba by increasing the cost of noxious weed control required under The Noxious Weeds Act as urban areas act as a wealthy seed bank to infest surrounding sports fields, parks, native landscapes, agriculture lands and other public property; AND WHEREAS an increase in weeds would adversely affect municipalities in Manitoba by potentially reducing the assessed value of properties, putting an economic value to something deemed cosmetic; AND WHEREAS municipal nuisance mosquito control programs using pesticides could be affected which would result in the loss of nuisance mosquito programs in some communities and affect the enjoyment of residents during the summer; AND WHEREAS the increase in weed populations will increase the amount of pollen in urban areas which can cause allergies and affects people with asthma, also potentially impacting the health care system in the province; AND WHEREAS in other Provinces cross border importation of pesticides has increase the potential use of unregistered pesticides.  Also additional cross border trips to the U.S. and Saskatchewan will have an economic impact on Manitoba communities; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Rural Municipality of Shell River is opposed to the Province of Manitoba implementing a ban of cosmetic use pesticides in Manitoba.                                                                                           Carried 5/0


#240-12 Smigelsky/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River accept the recommendation of Manitoba Conservation and submit a plan to close the Makaroff Waste Disposal Site on SW 22-27-29WPM.                Carried 6/0






1.     (i) Letter to Manitoba Conservation re: Cupar’s Creek and Mitchell’s East


     (ii)  Meeting with Conservation/Jaime Patrick – June 19

2.  Heritage Grants Application/Follow up Session – May 25 @ Dauphin

3.  Municipal Roof Quotes?


#241-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Dione Cherneski be authorized to attend the follow-up session to the Basic Heritage Grant Writing Workshop on Friday, May 25 in Dauphin; AND THAT expenses for same be allowed.                                                                                                                    Carried 6/0



1.     USTI/Asyst Property Tax Conversion; Property Tax and Accounts Receivable Remote Training

2.  Town of Roblin Invoice re: Landfill Site Upgrades

3.  2013 Board of Revision – October 23 @ 1:00 PM

4.  MMAA – 4 Day Performance Management System for Municipal Government Administrators and Supervisors Program

5.  MOU between Roblin, Shell River, Hillsburg, two Grandview’s and Shellmouth-Boulton

6.  Roblin RCMP/Royal Canadian Legion #24 Golf Tournament Donation


#242-12 Mohr/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River agree to purchase the Asyst conversion for the Property Tax History in the amount of $1,295.00 plus taxes; AND FURTHER THAT remote training be approved for Property Tax and Accounts Receivable at a rate of $130/hour plus taxes at a maximum of 5 hours.                                                     Carried 6/0


#243-12 Senderewich/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Town of Roblin Invoice No. 2012-49G in the amount of $1,949.00 for capital upgrades to the Roblin/Shell River WDS building be approved.                                                            Carried 6/0


#244-12 Smigelsky/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Dione Cherneski be authorized to attend 2 days of the MMAA 4-Day Performance Management System for Municipal Government Administrators and Supervisors Program June 1 and October 19, 2012 in Winnipeg; AND THAT expenses for same be allowed.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0


#245-12 Mohr/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River donate a prize valued at $30.00 to the Annual Roblin RCMP / Royal Canadian Legion #24 Open Texas Scramble Golf Tournament.                      Carried 6/0



From                                                                                        Subject

1.   FCM                                                          - News Week of May 7 and May 14

                                                                        - Policy Development Guide, Emergency

                                                                        Resolutions and AGM/Guide

2.   Robert Sopuck, MP                                   News Release/New Horizons for Seniors Program

3.   MVSD                                                        May 14 News Digest

4.   Town of Roblin                                          Lagoon Effluent Discharge

5.   Larry Powell                                              MB News Release: Proposed Legislation Would

                                                                        Strengthen Accountability, Transparency of

                                                                        Municipal Governments: Lemieux





#246-12 Lenderbeck/Smigelsky: BE IT RESOLVED THAT we hereby adjourn at 10:51 AM, with the next regular meeting to be held June 12, 2012 at 7:30 AM.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0




Coming Events:    

May 23 – Reeve attendance at RCU11 AM to 2 PM

May 24, 25 & 28 – Employee Holidays (DB)

June 1–18 – Employee Holidays (MH)

June 11 – AMM June District Meeting @ McCreary

June 12 – Council Meeting @ 7:30 AM