May 8

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Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Shell River Office Council Chambers, 213 - 2nd Avenue NW, Roblin. Meetings start at 1:30 PM for November to April and at 7:30 AM for May to October. The time changes are to accommodate council members during busy farm seasons (i.e. seeding, haying, harvest). Our latest set of minutes are shown below. If you see anything in them that you would like to comment on, please email us at shellrvr@mts.net. We keep one years minutes on the website. If you need to look for anything further back than that, please stop by the office and we'll be happy to let you look through the minute books.




Minutes of the regular meeting of Council of the RM of Shell River held Tuesday, May 8, 2012 in the Council Chambers of the municipal office.


PRESENT:  Reeve – Albert Nabe

                       Councillors - Louise Smigelsky, Doug Cranwell, Joe Senderewich (Chair 8:13 – 8:19 AM), Jack Lenderbeck, Craig Mohr

Chief Administrative Officer – Dione Cherneski


CALL TO ORDER:  Meeting called to order at 7:31 AM.



#208-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the agenda for the regular meeting of May 8, 2012 be adopted as amended by: Adding: BOARDS & COMMISSIONS: 3. Economic Development; (a) (ii) Amended Letter of Intent and Acceptance; (b) ; Apr.5 Minutes; May 2012 Financial Statement and Expense Report; 5. Recreation Commission; (b) Renewal of Recreation Opportunities Agreement; 8. Roblin & District Chamber of Commerce; (a) Ultimate Fishing Town; COMMITTEES OF COUNCIL: Legislative and Finance; (b) Ag Crown Lands; Municipal Payout Jan-Mar.12 ($7,685.25); (c) Parkway Consumers Co-op Ltd. Patronage Dividend ($444.54); NEW BUSINESS: 4. Rossburn & District CDC – Letter of Support Requested; 5. Goose Lake High School Yearbook Ad; CORRESPONDENCE: 10. CBC Television - The Big Decision Business Participation.                                                                                                                      Carried 6/0



#209-12 Mohr/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the regular meeting held April 27, 2012 be adopted as presented.                                                                                                                                                             Carried 6/0


#210-12 Senderewich/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the 2012 Financial Plan public hearing held April 30, 2012 be adopted as presented.                                                                                                         


#211-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the special meeting held April 30, 2012 be adopted as presented.                                                                                                                                                         Carried 6/0



9:00 AM – Devron Kobluk – Blue Diamond Technologies/Lagoon Alternatives

9:45 AM – Louisiana Pacific – Operations/Dust Control



Accounts Payable

Unaudited Financial Statement to April 30, 2012


#212-12 Lenderbeck/Cranwell: WHEREAS the Finance Committee has reviewed the list of accounts; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the accounts are approved for payment in the amount of $15,283.20, cheques #15809 to #15836.                                                                                                                                                            





Boards & Commissions:

1.    AMM

       (a)   News Release: Western Canadian Municipalities Seek more Investment in Infrastructure

       (b)   2012 Parkland District Meeting–June 11 @ McCreary ; Draft Agenda; 2011 Minutes

       (c)    2012 June District Resolution Deadline June 1; How to Write a Resolution

       (d)   AMM Resolution Response from Federal Minster of Health

2.    Roblin Planning District

(a)   Proposal to Subdivide Pt.W½ Sec.5-26-29W (Ricker & MRH Lakeside Dev.

Corp.) - TABLED

(b)   DLTO/CT Holdings Subdivision Registered Plan Received

3.    Economic Development

       (a)   Letter of Intent for EDO Position and Response (ii) Amended Letter of Intent

              and Acceptance

       (b)   Report on May 2 Bug Chucker Cup Meeting; Apr. 5 Minutes; May 2012

              Financial Statement and Expense Report 

       (c)   Response from Honourable Ron Kostyshyn, Minister of Agriculture re:

              Community Works Loan Program

       (d)   Parks Route Inc. 2012 Membership - TABLED

4.    Manitoba Good Roads Association

       (a)   2012 MGRA Annual Judging Competition/Nomination Letter and Forms

5.    Recreation Commission

       (a)   Report on May 1 Meetings (i) Town of Roblin re: Currey Park Development;

              (ii) Regular Meeting; Mar.27 Minutes

       (b)   Renewal of Recreation Opportunities Agreement

6.    Hudson Bay Route Association

       (a)   Report on Convention held Apr.12-14 - TABLED

7.    Roblin & District Chamber of Commerce

(a)   Ultimate Fishing Town


#213-12 Cranwell/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT all members of council and the CAO be authorized to attend the AMM 2012 Parkland June District Meeting being held in McCreary on June 11, 2012; AND THAT expenses for same be allowed.

                                                                                                                                                            Carried 6/0


#214-12 Senderewich/Smigelsky: WHEREAS the Roblin, Shell River, Hillsburg Recreation Commission has applied for funding to the Recreation Opportunities: Partners in Leisure, Recreation Opportunities: Partners in Leisure Training Allocation, and Urban Green Team programs; AND WHEREAS grants totaling $19,377.90 has been approved and the municipal authorities are required to sign the agreement; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Reeve and CAO are hereby authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the Rural Municipality of Shell River.

                                                                                                                                                            Carried 6/0


Committees of Council:

1.   Legislative and Finance

      (a)    Roblin Credit Union/Patronage Dividend Day–May 23 11AM to 2PM

               (attendance requested)

      (b)    Ag Crown Lands Municipal Payout Jan-Mar.’12 ($7,685.25)

      (c)     Parkway Consumers Co-op Ltd. Patronage Dividend ($444.54)

2.   Personnel and Policy

      (a)    Administrative Assistant Position; Receptionist Salary Increase;

               Jennifer’s Resignation Supper?

3.   Public Works and Equipment

      (a)    9:45 PM – Dennis Beck (for L.P. Delegation)

      (b)    Public Road on SE ¼ 30-30-28 WPM (Fred Case) – Response received from J. Kulchycki

      (c)     10% Projects

4.   Protective Services

      (a)    RCMP Contract Partners Survey

5.   Environmental Health

      (a)    MARRC Oil Recycling 2012 Promotion

      (b)    Inspection Report/Makaroff WDS


#215-12 Mohr/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Michelle Harrison be hired for the position of Administrative Assistant effective May 1, 2012 as per the terms and conditions set out in a letter to her dated May 8, 2012; AND FUTHER THAT MEBP and Blue Cross benefits commence immediately.                                                                   Carried 6/0


#216-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Permanent Receptionist salary be increased $1.00 per hour effective May 1, 2012.                                                                                                                                       Carried 6/0


#217-12 Senderewich/Smigelsky: WHEREAS Jennifer Neuhofer has decided not to return to the municipality after her maternity period expires; AND WHEREAS Council wants to recognize Jennifer and show their appreciation for her 13 years of service; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the municipality host a supper for Jennifer and her family, current council, staff and spouses.                                                                                                                                Carried 6/0


9:00 AM – Blue Diamond Technologies (BDT); Devron Kobluk, Andy Butler and Nick Butler


Observers Also in Attendance:  Larry and Rowena Powell, Werner Troxler, Walter Hammond and Garry Zimmer


Blue Diamond Technologies is a Winnipeg based business with a Waste Effluent Treatment (WET) System.  Most of their business has been with hogs but this system in not limited to hog waste.


A short power point presentation was shown about what BDT has to offer.  The process of the system is screening, reaction chambers, flocculation then a second screen process, flocculated effluent enters a dewatering process, solids are conveyed to storage where they are dried and treated liquids are pumped to a lagoon or holding reservoir, which they claim, is already environmentally safe.


A portable unit is on a hog farm right now and they are doing testing on human waste in Carman.  The cost of the system would be around $500,000 with operational costs being the chemical and very little electrical demand.   They are currently working with government for certification and validation and could not disclose how long that may take.


9:45 AM – Louisiana Pacific (LP) – Wade Cable and Keith Proctor


Wade and Keith informed Council that LP will be hauling out of Wine Lake and Upper Dam beginning in June or July and carrying through the winter removing poplar and spruce.  Four to five-year plan maps were reviewed with Council.  They are also meeting with Hillsburg today and requesting that they order a truckload of the dust control product for the area from the highway to Upper Dam and north of Upper Dam to do intersections and yard sites only, not the whole road.  LP will reimburse Hillsburg for the cost.  Dennis Beck was asked to co-ordinate prep work with Hillsburg prior to application of the dust control.


#218-12 Smigelsky/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River request MB Conservation to barricade/close the boat launch and parking area at Cupar’s Creek because the poor condition of the area.         Carried 6/0


#219-12 Mohr/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT RM of Shell River request Balchen and Kulchycki Surveys to survey the road between Section 30-30-28.                                    


#220-12 Smigelsky/Lenderbeck: WHEREAS Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT) will allow municipalities that have entered into a Gravel Road Initiative Agreement to request a grant of up to 10% of the annual value of that agreement for improvements to provincial roads in their jurisdiction; AND WHEREAS the RM wants to repair PR 484 by base capping approximately 1 km between the NE ¼ of 22-26-29 and the SE ¼ 27-26-29; AND WHEREAS the cost for these improvements are estimated to be about $18,700; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of the RM of Shell River hereby requests the 10% grant to fund this road project for 2012; FURTHERMORE THAT the work will proceed after the funding approval is received.                                                                                                                        Carried 6/0



By-Law No. 5-12                  2012 Tax Levy (2nd & 3rd Readings)


#221-12 Smigelsky/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 5-12 be read a second time.                                                                                                Carried 6/0


#222-12 Lenderbeck/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 5-12 being the 2012 Tax Levy By-Law be read a third time and passed.






Reeve Albert Nabe





Councillor Louise Smigelsky





Councillor Doug Cranwell





Councillor Joseph Senderewich





Councillor Jack Lenderbeck





Councillor Craig Mohr





                                                                                                                                                                            Carried 6/0



1.   Manitoba Conservation/Request for Council Resolution re: Acceptance of Subdivision  - TABLED

2.   Lots 36 & 37 Cupar’s Creek/Grant Wright Drainage Concerns



1.    Roblin District Cemeteries Project/Request to Consider Donation through Foundation

2.   Slanted Roof Tenders

3.   Manitoba NetSet Towers – RM Request for Warning Lights?

4.   Rossburn & District CDC – Letter of Support Requested

5.   Goose Lake High School Yearbook Ad


#223-12 Lenderbeck/Smigelsky: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River donate $500.00 to the Cemeteries fund under the Roblin and District Community Foundation.                                                             Defeated 0/6


#224-12 Senderewich/Mohr: WHEREAS Manitoba NetSet has erected 2 – 250 foot towers in the municipality; AND WHEREAS there are no warning lights on these towers; AND WHEREAS these towers are in areas where aerial spraying activities are prevalent; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River request Manitoba NetSet to consider adding warning lights to the towers at Zelena and Boggy Creek.                                               Carried 6/0


#225-12 Mohr/Senderewich: WHEREAS the RM of Shell River recognizes the possible potential of recreational fisheries opportunities and tourism benefits of aerated lakes; AND WHEREAS a case-study in the RM of Rossburn, having already 4 aerated lakes, would evaluate the pros and cons of the cost of aeration to a municipality and will provide not only a tool for decision making but enhance the background material for future economic, social and tourism activities; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the RM of Shell River supports fully the grant application of the Rossburn & District CDC to the Manitoba Fisheries Enhancement Fund to hire a consultant to study the economic impact of aerated fisheries in the RM of Rossburn.                                                                                                                                                                   Carried 6/0


#226-12 Senderewich/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the RM of Shell River supports Goose Lake High School by purchasing a quarter page yearbook ad in the amount of $75.00.                                                                 Carried 6/0



From                                                                                        Subject

1.   Dept. of Architectural Science                                The Centennial Projects 50 Years on

2.   Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP                      Notice of Intent to File Caveat (M.Beattie)

3.   FCM                                                                           - FCM Alert

                                                                                          - Membership Renewal/Thank You               

4.   Prairie Mapping Services                                      AMM Convention Winner & Services Provided Pamphlet   

5.   MIT                                                                             Highway Traffic Board Permit (Solnes)

6.   MVSD                                                                        April 23, 2012 News Digest

7.   MAFRI                                                                        2012 Municipal Grasshopper Control Assistance Policy

8.   Kevin Hanna                                                              National Municipal Adaption Project (NMAP)


9.   Recreation & Regional Services – Parkland         E-newsletter

10.   CBC Television                                                      The Big Decision Business Participation






#227-12 Mohr/Smigelsky: BE IT RESOLVED THAT we hereby adjourn at 11:55 AM, with the next regular meeting to be held May 22, 2012 at 7:30 AM.                                                                                                                                     Carried 6/0


Coming Events:     

May 9 – Chamber Meeting @ 1:00 PM at the Downtown Diner (new time and location)

May 10 – LPCD Board Meeting @ 7:30 PM

May 15 – Crocus Trial Meeting

May 16 – Clinic Board Meeting @ 9:00 AM

May 17 – Planning Meeting @ 9:00 AM

May 17 – SAVED Meeting @ 7:00 PM

May 22 – Council Meeting @ 7:30 AM

May 24, 25 & 28 – Employee Holidays (DB)