Oct 11, 2012

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Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Shell River Office Council Chambers, 213 - 2nd Avenue NW, Roblin. Meetings start at 1:30 PM for November to April and at 7:30 AM for May to October. The time changes are to accommodate council members during busy farm seasons (i.e. seeding, haying, harvest). Our latest set of minutes are shown below. If you see anything in them that you would like to comment on, please email us at shellrvr@mts.net. We keep one years minutes on the website. If you need to look for anything further back than that, please stop by the office and we'll be happy to let you look through the minute books.



Minutes of the regular meeting of Council of the RM of Shell River held Thursday,

October 11, 2012 in the Council Chambers of the municipal office.


PRESENT:   Reeve – Albert Nabe

                    Councillors - Louise Smigelsky, Doug Cranwell, Joe Senderewich, Jack Lenderbeck, Craig Mohr

Chief Administrative Officer – Dione Cherneski

CALL TO ORDER:  Meeting called to order at 7:33 AM

ADOPTION OF AGENDA:  Adopt agenda as presented or amended

#405-12 Mohr/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the agenda for the regular meeting of September 25, 2012 be adopted as amended by: Adding: New Business:  : 2.  Recreation Commission  (d) Report on Oct.9 Meeting; Sept.24 Minutes; Proposed Budget, (e) Invitation to a Community Places Program Workshop – Oct.18 @ Dauphin, 6.  Chamber of Commerce (a) ; Sept.19 Minutes; Sept. Financial Statement and R&E Comparison, 9.  Roblin & District Library, (a) Request Reeve’s Attendance/Betty Paley Retirement – Oct.13; Committees of Council: 4. Environmental Health (b)  2012 Manitoba Stewardship Stakeholders Forum – Nov.7 & 8 @ Portage; Communications/Correspondence: 11.  Manitoba Housing-Management Changes/Rural & Native Housing.        Carried 6/0

MINUTES:    Regular Meeting of September 25, 2012

#406-12 Cranwell/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the regular meeting held September 25, 2012 be adopted as presented.           Carried 6/0




          Unaudited Financial Statement to September 30, 2012

Adoption of Final 2011 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 

October 5, 2012 Bank Balances/Transfer to Machinery Reserve?


#407-12 Senderewich/Mohr: WHEREAS original copies of the 2011 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements and related documents have been submitted by Sensus Partnership of Chartered Accountants; THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 2011 Audited Statements be accepted as presented and the required documents be signed by the designated officers with requested copies returned to Sensus.



1.  Response from MIT re Highway #5 East at Road 164W

2.  RM owned Land Leases (i) Concerns (ii) Agreements

3.  Request for Final Acceptance Council Resolution/Cupar’s and Mitchell’s Subdivisions

#408-12 Mohr/Senderewich: WHEREAS in August 2008, the RM of Shell River and the Province of Manitoba entered into the Cupar’s Creek and Mitchell’s East Subdivision Agreements; AND WHEREAS on December 14, 2011, Council met with Harley Johasson and Lorne Misanchuk on behalf of Manitoba Conservation regarding boat launch and dry hydrant issues; AND WHEREAS it was agreed that Mr. Misanchuck would clarify and resolve issues related to the dry fire hydrant; AND WHEREAS construction of a boat launch was not included in the development agreement for the Cupar’s Creek Subdivision, however, Conservation have agreed to install a boat launch at the site indicated by Council on the understanding that there are no further obligations on the part of Conservation with respect to the Cupar’s Creek Subdivision; AND WHEREAS Item No.13 of the Agreement, Construction Completion and Final Acceptance Council Resolutions, suggests first a Construction Completion Resolution, then upon the expiration of one year, an inspection and Final Acceptance Council Resolution be provided to the Crown within thirty days; AND WHEREAS the Crown is requesting the RM skip to the Final Acceptance Council Resolution because of the length of time that has already passed; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the RM issue this Final Acceptance Council Resolution.                          Defeated 2/4


1.  Cromarty Hall/Request for Grant

2.  Roblin Credit Union Amalgamation Voting – Oct.16 @ Roblin Community Centre

3.  Manitoba Hydro/Proposal to Construct a New Underground Line re Riverview Estates

4.  RCMP Roblin Detachment/Request for Safety Initiative Support

#409-12 Cranwell/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River support the Cromarty Hall by donating $500.00 for 2012.        Carried 6/0

#410-12 Smigelsky/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Albert Nabe be authorized to vote October 16 on the proposed amalgamation of Roblin, Dauphin Plains and Ethelbert credit unions on behalf of the Rural Municipality of Shell River.
Defeated 0/6

#411-12 Smigelsky/Senderewich: WHEREAS Manitoba Hydro is proposing to construct a new underground hydro line in our municipality at Riverview Estates subdivision near Lake of the Prairies; AND WHEREAS they are requesting to cut two municipal roads approximately 6” wide and 4 to 5 feet deep for the new service; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of the RM of Shell River authorizes Manitoba Hydro to cut the municipal roads as required for the new underground hydro line near Riverview Estates on the condition that the road will be returned to the original state.    Carried 6/0

#412-12 Mohr/Smigelsky: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River support the RCMP Safety Initiative Drug Safety: Smart Choices for LIFE by making a contribution in the amount of $157.50.          Carried 6/0


By-Law No. 8-12        To Repeal By-Law No.3/10 (2nd & 3rd Readings)–Waiting for Municipal Board Approval

By-Law No. 9-12        Road Naming (3rd Reading)

#413-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT By-Law No. 9-12 being a by-law for naming roads on plans registered with Dauphin Land Titles Office be read a third time and passed.         Carried 6/0

Accounts Payable

#414-12 Lenderbeck/Cranwell: WHEREAS the Finance Committee has reviewed the list of accounts; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the accounts are approved for payment in the amount of $40,357.43, cheques #16247 to #16290. Cheque #16287 is VOID.         Carried 6/0


Boards & Commissions:

1.   AMM

      (a)   Need confirmation of attendance (early bird registration deadline is Oct.12): Convention, Leadership Skills Workshop, Gala Event

      (b)   AMM Convention Draft Agenda; Elections; Handheld Voting Devices; Parkland District Members Notice; Meetings with Ministers

      (c)   Member Advisory/Cosmetic Pesticide Consultations

      (d)   Oct.3 News Bulletin

2.    Recreation Commission

      (a)  Sept.30/11 Audited Financial Statements

      (b)  Request for Capital Funds

      (c)  Request for Joint Council Meeting to Discuss and Review the Rec. Budget – date?

(d)  Report on Oct. 9 Meeting; Sept. 24 Minutes; Proposed Budget

(e)  Invitation to a Community Places Program Workshop – Oct. 18 @ Dauphin

3.    Roblin/Shell River Economic Development

(a)  Report on Oct.10 Bug Chucker Cup Meeting

4.    S.A.V.E.D.

      (a)  Copies of Letters to PC MLA’s re Assiniboine Valley Flooding

      (b)  Aug. 16 Meeting Notes (i) Kachanowski Family (ii) PC Caucus Tour

5.    Lake of the Prairies Conservation District

      (a)  Report on Sept. 27 Meeting

6.    Chamber of Commerce

      (a)  Report on Oct. 10 Meeting; Sept. 19 Minutes; Sept. Financial Statement and R&E Comparison

7.    Parkland Tourism

        (a)  Report on Sept. 27 Meeting; Activities Overview; Apr. 1 to Aug. 31 Expenses;

             2012 Flavour Trail Costs; 2012 Supper-In-The-Field

8.    Crocus Trail

      (a)  Sept. 18 Discussion

9.       Roblin & District Library

      (a)  Request Reeve’s Attendance/Betty Paley Retirement – Oct. 13

#415-12 Senderewich/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Roblin-Shell River-Hillsburg Recreation Commission Audited Financial Statements for the year ended September 30, 2011 as prepared by Sensus be accepted as presented.              Carried 6/0

#416-12 Senderewich/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River approve payment of $9,020.90 to the Roblin-Shell River-Hillsburg Recreation Commission, being the RM’s 39.7% of the 2011/2012 capital expenditure of $22,722.67 for the purchase of a floor machine and the kiddies pool liner.      Carried 6/0

#417-12 Senderewich/Smigelsky: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Reeve Albert Nabe be authorized to attend the Retirement Come and Go Tea in honour of Betty Paley on Saturday, October 13th; AND THAT expenses for same be allowed.

Committees of Council:

1.  Legislative and Finance

     (a)   2012 Tax Arrears Recovery and Tax Sale; Payment for Discharge Registered July 2009

     (b)   Gravel Road Initiative ($18,144.79); VLT Final Payment ($9,560.34)

2.  Public Works and Equipment

     (a)   7:45 AM – Dennis Beck/Transportation Update

     (b)   Bridge at Case’s 

3.  Protective Services

     (a)   Enhanced 9-1-1 Service Fee for 2013

     (b)   Temporary Burning Ban

4.  Environmental Health Committee   

     (a)   Makaroff WDS Closure  

(b)   2012 Manitoba Stewardship Stakeholders Forum – Nov. 7 & 8 @ Portage

#418-12 Lenderbeck/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT TAXervice Invoice #7763 in the amount of $180.00 plus GST for Discharge of Tax Sale Notice No. 1069177/6 registered July 7, 2009 is hereby authorized to be paid.            Carried 6/0


From                                                                        Subject

1.   MB Good Roads Assoc.                             Sept. 2012 Newsletter                                

2.   Western Regional Health Authority              Sept. 20 Media Release

3.   MB Conservation and Water Stewardship    Notice of Environment Act Proposal/6523979 MB Ltd.

4.   FCM                                                           - Diamond Jubilee/New Deadline for Nominations

                                                                        - News – Week of Oct. 1

5.   MAFRI                                                        Rural Biz e-bulletin September 2012

6.   Recreation & Regional Services-Parkland    - News Release/2012 Community Places Program

                                                                        - October E-newsletter; Health Promotion News

7.   FarmLead                                                   FarmLead.com Update 

8.   Brian Jones, YHN Books                             Thoughts of Our Canadian Soldiers at War (Book)

9.   Manitoba Water Stewardship                       Quarterly Reports

10. MB Agricultural Hall of Fame                        Municipal Membership

11. Manitoba Housing                                       Management Changes/Rural & Native Housing




#419-12 Mohr/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT we hereby adjourn at 11:19 AM, with the next regular meeting to be held October 23, 2012 at 7:30 AM.       


Coming Events:

            October 17 – Clinic Board Meeting

            October18 – Planning Meeting

October 18 – SAVED Meeting

October 23 – Council Meeting @ 7:30 AM

October 23 – BOARD OF REVISION @ 1:00 PM








Albert Nabe







Dione Cherneski

Chief Administrative Officer