Sept 11

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Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Shell River Office Council Chambers, 213 - 2nd Avenue NW, Roblin. Meetings start at 1:30 PM for November to April and at 7:30 AM for May to October. The time changes are to accommodate council members during busy farm seasons (i.e. seeding, haying, harvest). Our latest set of minutes are shown below. If you see anything in them that you would like to comment on, please email us at shellrvr@mts.net. We keep one years minutes on the website. If you need to look for anything further back than that, please stop by the office and we'll be happy to let you look through the minute books.



Minutes of the regular meeting of Council of the RM of Shell River held Tuesday,

September 11, 2012 in the Council Chambers of the municipal office.


PRESENT:   Reeve – Albert Nabe

                    Councillors - Louise Smigelsky, Doug Cranwell,

                   Joe Senderewich, Jack Lenderbeck, Craig Mohr

Chief Administrative Officer – Dione Cherneski


CALL TO ORDER:  Meeting called to order at 7:30 AM


ADOPTION OF AGENDA:  Adopt agenda as presented or amended

#363-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the agenda for the regular meeting of September 11, 2012 be adopted as amended by: Adding: Boards and Commissions: AMM (c) (ii) RCMP Meetings During Convention, 2.  Recreation Commission, (b) Walk the Halls @ RES; Communications/Correspondence:

Manitoba Hydro (ii) First Quarterly Report for 2012-13.                   Carried 6/0


MINUTES:    Regular Meeting of August 28, 2012

#364-12 Mohr/Smigelsky: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the regular meeting held August 28, 2012 be adopted as presented.                           Carried 6/0





          Accounts Payable

Unaudited Financial Statement to August 31, 2012

Draft 2011 Audited Financial Statements - TABLED

#365-12 Lenderbeck/Cranwell: WHEREAS the Finance Committee has reviewed the list of accounts; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the accounts are approved for payment in the amount of $90,130.80, cheques #16178 to #16209.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0


1.     Employee Matters


#366-12 Lenderbeck/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT we resolve into “Committee of the Whole” under the authority of Section 152 (3) (b) (ii) of The Municipal Act time being 7:38 AM; FURTHERMORE THAT all items discussed are confidential.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0


#367-12 Smigelsky/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council resumes the former order of business, time being 7:45 AM.                                          Carried 6/0



1.  Manitoba Hydro Electric Service Agreement for SE 10-26-28 W – EXPIRED AUG.5 - TABLED



1.  Approach Application NW 32-25-28W – Friesen - TABLED

2.  MTS Snow Clearing Services Agreement 

3.  MTS Rights-Of-Way Application


#368-12 Smigelsky/Senderewich: WHEREAS MTS Allstream requires a Snow Clearing Services Agreement with the RM of Shell River for the period October 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013 for the Baldy Mountain Radio Site; AND WHEREAS the fee per hour is $189.54 for the grader; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Reeve and CAO be authorized to sign the Snow Clearing Services Agreement with MTS Allstream on behalf of the RM of Shell River.                                                                  Carried 6/0


#369-12 Cranwell/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Reeve and CAO are hereby authorized to sign the MTS Municipal Rights-Of-Way application for File 9087308 to directionally bore a new cable to be placed across Lakeview Lane and on easement through lots 3 – 10 on the South side of Lakeview Lane.  Carried 6/0



Boards & Commissions:

1.   AMM

      (a)   Resolution 25-2011 Response from Minister of Finance

      (b)   Aug.29 News Bulletin

      (c)   Invitation to 14th Annual Convention; (ii) RCMP Meetings During Convention

      (d)   Comments on the Accessibility Advisory Council Report

2.    Recreation Commission

      (a)  New Priority 2012 Capital Items - TABLED

      (b)  Walk the Halls @ RES

3.    Roblin/Shell River Economic Development

(a)  Report on Sept.5 Bug Chucker Cup Meeting; June 20 Minutes; Aug.17 Financial Statement

(b)  Sept.6 EDC Meeting – No Quorum 

4.    Roblin, Shell River Airport Commission

      (a)  Report on Sept.4 Meeting

5.    Lake of the Prairies Conservation District

      (a)  Report on Sept.6 Meeting – Postponed to Sept. 27/12

#370-12 Senderewich/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT all members of Council and the CAO be authorized to attend the AMM 14th Annual Convention being held November 26 – 29, 2012 in Winnipeg; AND FURTHER THAT expenses for same be allowed.                                                                                        Carried 6/0


Committees of Council:

1.  Legislative and Finance

     (a)   Transfer of Funds from Machinery Reserve to Operating re 2010 Budget

2.  Public Works and Equipment

     (a)   Follow up to In Camera

3.  Emergency Measures

     (a)   Contract for Emergency Co-ordinator Services (TABLED) – Joint Meeting @ Town Office following our Council Meeting TODAY @ 11:00 AM

     (b)   Co-ordinator Request to Attend (i) Manitoba Emergency Services Conference

     Oct.11-13 @ Brandon (ii) Disaster Management Conference Nov.7-9 @ Winnipeg - TABLED        

     (c)    Copy of Letter and Resolutions from Town of Roblin

4.  Protective Services

     (a)   Prairie Mountain Area Safer Communities Meeting – Sept.15 @ Binscarth

     (b)   RCMP Quarterly Report


#371-12 Smigelsky/Cranwell: WHEREAS the RM’s 2010 budget included the purchase of a postless wing from the Machinery Replacement Reserve in the amount of $23,750.00; AND WHEREAS the monies from the said purchase were not moved from the reserve to the operating account; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT $23,716.84 is hereby authorized to be transferred by reducing the amount owing to the Machinery Replacement Reserve from the operating.                         Carried 5/1


#372-12 Senderewich/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the RM of Shell River cover the cost for additional hearing tests and mileage for the public works staff required to have further audiometric testing as per Stokes Hearing & Audiology Services letter dated August 30, 2012.                                                               Carried 6/0


HEARING:    9:10 AM – Public Hearing V-107-2012-182 on SE 11-26-29 (Mailhot)


Development Officer, Tammy Leflar attended hearing.


#373-12 Smigelsky/Mohr: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the regular Council meeting adjourns to go into the Public Hearing for Variation Use Hearing V-107-2012-182.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0


#374-12 Senderewich/Cranwell: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Public Hearing adjourns, time being 9:25 AM and the regular meeting resume.                           Carried 6/0

#375-12 Cranwell/Senderewich: WHEREAS application V-107-2012-182 has been made for a Variation Use on SE 11-26-29 to vary the side yard setback from 125 feet to 30 feet to allow for the replacement of a shed in an AG-Agriculture Zone in the RM of Shell River; AND WHEREAS there were no objectors; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council approves of the Variation Use; FURTHERMORE THAT all other necessary municipal and provincial government regulations must be approved and complied with.                                                                              Carried 6/0


#376-12 Smigelsky/Senderewich: BE IT RESOLVED THAT all members of Council be authorized to attend the Prairie Mountain Safer Communities Meeting being held September 15 in Binscarth; AND THAT expenses for same be allowed.    

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0



From                                                                                        Subject

1.   MAFRI                                                        Chamber sponsor participants/Take the Leap 4 Update

2.   Manitoba Hydro                                          - Aug.2012 Insights

                                                                        - First Quarterly Report for 2012-13

3.   Deputy Minister of Local Gov’t                     Bills 3, 32 and 37

4.   Recreation & Regional Services –

      Parkland                                                     Sept.2012 E-newsletter

5.   Manitoba Trucking Association                    National Trucking Week Sept.3–8         




Counicllor Craig Mohr abstained from voting on the following resolution because of relation to the contractor.


#377-12 Smigelsky/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the RM of Shell River accept the cost estimate from Roblin Redi-Mix Ltd. in the amount of $6,500.00 plus taxes to repair the damage to Funk’s bridge from the 2011 flood to be done according to specifications set out by Emergency Measures Organization.

                                                                                                    Carried 5/0


#378-12 Mohr/Lenderbeck: BE IT RESOLVED THAT we hereby adjourn at 10:09 AM, with the next regular meeting to be held September 25, 2012 at 7:30 AM.

                                                                                                    Carried 6/0

Coming Events:

            September 12 – EMO Meeting @ 7:00 PM

            September14 – Environmental Health Joint WDS Meeting @ 9:30 AM

September17 – MMAA District #7 Meeting in Grandview (Dione)

September 20 – Planning Meeting @ 9:00 AM

September 20 – SAVED Meeting @ 7:30 PM

September 20 & 21 –MMUG Conference in Portage – OFFICE CLOSED

September 21 – AMM Resolutions Committee in Portage (Craig)

September 25 – Council Meeting @ 7:30 AM