Heritage Sites

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We are very proud to have three municipally designated heritage sites. These buildings 
are very special because in some cases they are all that is left to remind us of the once 
thriving communities that were located throughout our municipality.

Tummel Presbyterian Church
Tummel Church was built in 1906, and is 
the oldest church in the R. M. that is still 
active. Church services are held every 
year through July and August, with 
United Church Reverend David  Maxwell 
officiating. It also  hosts an annual 
Christmas concert. It is maintained 
entirely by volunteers from the 
congregation. Across the road from the 
church is the Tummel Deer Park 
Cemetery, which dates back
to the turn of the century. Donations for 
the upkeep of the church and/or the cemetery would be appreciated by the community. 
If you are interested in giving please contact Gladys at 204-937-4955.

Cromarty School
The only original school building still 
standing and in use in the R. M. is the 
Cromarty Hall. Through the years many 
community events have been held 
in it such as Christmas concerts 
wedding receptions, dances, 
community suppers, etc.  The 
building style is typical of an early 
1900's school, very few which have 
survived through the years. In 
the past few years the community has 
made several improvements to the hall, 
such as re-shingling and painting. If you 
would like to volunteer your time or make a donation please call Marie at 204-937-4738.


The Makaroff Hall was built in 1922. It is the only  community building still standing in Makaroff Community Hall
what was once a thriving village.  The 
building plans were drawn by a local 
resident and the hall was built entirely by 
volunteers from the community.  It is still 
used for wedding socials, reunions, 
meetings, funeral luncheons, etc. As 
well, it still hosts
many community events
such as fall suppers and dances.
In 2006, the Makaroff Community Club 
made improvements to the roof and the
kitchen, and in the summer of 2007 
some painting and exterior renovations 
were done. If you are interested in 
helping them out financially or would like to help at one of the work bees, please call 
Arlene at 204-937-4742.