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Our area was first settled in the 1880's. The act to incorporate the R.M. of Shell River 
came into force December 22, 1883.

Many bustling, thriving districts and villages were once located in Shell River, such as Cromarty, Deepdale, Makaroff, Riverbend, Sunny Slope, Silverwood, Tummel, Zelena 
and Boggy Creek. With population decline and the closing of rural schools, most of 
these communities have faded away. In some areas nothing is left except for their place names. Some buildings have survived though, and area residents still have a strong 
sense of community. Events are still held in the Makaroff and Cromarty Halls, and the Tummel Church.  

As of January 1, 2007 the RM of Park North became a part of Shell River. This is 
something that had been discussed for many years, and we were very pleased to make 
the annexation a reality. With the addition our population has increased from 991 to 
1219. The "new" municipality covers an area of approximately 2 ranges and 6 
townships. We now look after the administration of the village of San Clara. This is a 
vibrant community with a lot of pride in their rich heritage. Early settlers to the area were mainly Metis and through the years, this group has continued to celebrate their culture 
and heritage. The village has a busy Metis Centre and curling rink which the San Clara Recreation Co-op uses for its many activities and events. 

Our three main industries
are agriculture, forestry 
and tourism.  Area 
benefits in our municipality include 
ideal soil conditions, availability of
natural gas, no road 
or business tax, and a 
high quality work force. 
We are centrally located 
on a major rail line and intersected by International Highway 
#83 and Provincial 
Highway #5.  In 1995, a municipal airport with a 3510 x 75 foot paved landing strip was constructed.  It brings Roblin within an hour's traveling time from Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba, Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan, and Minot, North Dakota, further enhancing its potential as a distribution hub.

Photo courtesy of Lucille McKinney