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The Shell River council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the 
Council Chambers of the Shell River Office. Meetings start at 1:30 PM for November 
to April and 7:30 AM for May to October. The time changes are to accommodate 
council members during the busy farm seasons (i.e. seeding, haying and harvest).

Regular elections are held on the fourth Wednesday of October, every four years. The 
last election was held October 27, 2010 and the next one will be in October 2014. By-elections could be held if a council member resigns or dies during the regular term 
of office. The position of Reeve is elected "at large" and councillors are elected by 

The members of council and staff are:

Reeve - Albert Nabe
Ward 1 Councillor - Louise Smigelsky
Ward 2 Councillor - Doug Cranwell
Ward 3 Councillor - Joseph R. Senderewich
Ward 4 Councillor - Jack Lenderbeck
Ward 5 Councillor -  Craig Mohr

Chief Administrative Officer - Dione Cherneski
Administrative Assistant - Michelle Harrison
Receptionist - Meghan Tucker

Foreman - Dennis Beck
Equipment Operators - Danny Nykolaishyn, Frank Carriere & Wes Smigelsky
Mower Operator - Alex Johnson
Waste Disposal Site Attendants - Bernice Taylor, Ralph Nowosad, Ron Radford 
Roblin/Shell River Economic Development Officer - Ben Brodeur
Roblin Planning District Development Officer - Tammy Leflar